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The Vitis™ AI development tutorials bring users up to speed with in-depth AI inference processes, model deployment cases, reference designs, and more.

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Name Hardware Board Tool Download Link Size Checksum
CNN + RNN Demo VCK190 Vitis AI 2.5 demo3_cnn_rnn.tar.gz 7.1 GB 70dd6d313c04372a1c7fcad81396e698
Point Cloud + Multi-task AI Perception VCK190 Vitis AI 2.5 demo2_1mipi_1multitaskv3_1pointpillars.tar.gz 1.45 GB b5411532cf937d02e4ad0dc76f426e64
4-channel MIPI Input AI Perception VCK190 Vitis AI 2.5 demo1_4mipi.tar.gz 709.43 MB da6574cf59b243ca514a3eb5f05240f4
Face Recognition ZCU102 / ZCU104 Vitis AI 1.3 face_recog_demo_v1.3.tar.gz 10 MB 64ecf87bb4c1c68e5013b52fd5b9053e
ADAS multi-task ZCU102 / ZCU104 Vitis AI 1.3 multi-task-adas-demo-v1.3.tar.gz 240 MB f80abb08c4fcac9f316eb7247b87e5f1
Versal ADAS Demo VCK190 Vitis AI 1.4 versal-demo-6channels-adas-pose-update.tar.gz 241 MB eaf0d4bda907dcb655584014fd3d6a81



Curated articles form industry experts for all things about the Vitis AI Platform
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Free Vitis AI Training Courses

Free Vitis AI Development Training Courses

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Developing AI Inference Solutions with the Vitis AI Platform

Video Title Description
Introduction to the Vitis AI Development Environment Describes the Vitis AI development environment, which consists of the Vitis AI development kit, for AI inference on Xilinx hardware platforms, including both edge devices and Alveo accelerator cards.
Frameworks Supported by the Vitis AI Development Environment Discusses the support for many common machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and Pytorch.
Setting Up the Vitis AI Development Environment  Demonstrates the steps to set up a host machine for developing and running AI inference applications on cloud or embedded devices.
Discounted Vitis AI Training Courses

Discounted Vitis AI Development Training Courses

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Video  Title Description
Developing AI Inference Solutions with the Vitis AI Platform This content provides embedded systems developers experience with creating an embedded Linux system targeting Xilinx SoCs using the PetaLinux tools.Updated 9.2020
Paid Vitis AI Training Courses

Paid Vitis AI Development Training Courses

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