Network Acceleration

Network port speeds are growing at a pace that traditional server nodes simply cannot keep up with, thanks to advances in SerDes design and modulation techniques. Adaptable network acceleration and software-defined networking have emerged as a solution to this problem.

Xilinx has the Right Solutions for Network Acceleration

Modern cloud data centers are rapidly changing, and fixed function silicon devices are unable to keep up. Xilinx offers high-performance adaptable networking solutions for today’s evolving cloud.


Proven High Throughput Packet Processing
for Virtual Switching and Routing


Programmable to Address the Needs of
Software Defined Networking


Workload Mobility Through Dynamic
Reconfiguration for Today’s Cloud

SmartNIC Cards

SmartNICs for Diverse Workloads

Alveo U25 SmartNIC Platform

Introducing the industry’s first SmartNIC platform to deliver turnkey network, storage and compute acceleration to cloud data center operators.

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The SmartNIC has emerged as the perfect attach point for network acceleration in the data center. Because FPGAs are unique in their ability to span the most comprehensive range of workloads, it becomes possible to add and blend workloads across compute, network, and storage and dynamically shift the functionality as needed in the cloud.

XtremeScale™ Cards

Transforming Cloud Data Centers

X2 Series Ethernet Adapters

Through our acquisition of Solarflare, a pioneer in the development of low-latency networking and application acceleration, Xilinx now offers the XtremeScale series of Ethernet adapters with Onload® kernel bypass technology. When utilized together, cloud data centers can eliminate operating system overhead and power up to 4X higher performance for load balancing, database caching, container apps and web servers.

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Applications and Libraries

Xilinx and its ecosystem partners offer a breadth of video and imaging solutions for customers to choose from. Using these solutions, customers can easily accelerate and deploy their applications without requiring any FPGA design experience.

Image of all Xilinx Applications and Libraries

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