Financial Technology

Meet the increasing demands in financial services for acceleration, compute offload, low latency, data analytics, in-line compute, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Why AMD addresses the needs of the financial services market

AMD is enabling the next generation of compute acceleration for Financial services by addressing key market challenges.

Market Leading Low Latency
and Determinism

Increases Compute Power
while Lowering TCO

Alveo enables the power of FPGA
for Software Developers


As Financial Firms increasingly require innovative solutions to meet demands from customers and regulators, AMD is there to provide innovative and breakthrough acceleration technology solutions.

Electronic Trading

  • Ultra-low latency SerDes
  • Accelerated Tick to trade, DMAs, Pre-trade Risk checks, Market data processing, and latency monitoring

Trading and Risk

  • Vitis™ IDE to accelerate a variety of Trading and Risk applications
  • Computational Library to accelerate your development


  • ASIC like performance with lower cost
  • More flexibility than ASIC with re-programmability in milliseconds
  • Less power than GPU

Featured Applications

A broad range of applications and developer tools covering Electronic Trading to Pricing/Risk Management from our ecosystem partners to kickstart your solution.

AMD Accelerated Algorithmic Trading
Accelerated Market Risk

Accelerated Market Risk

Pre-Trade Risk Check

Pre-Trade Risk Check

Appliance Apps

Market Data


Network Visibility and Analysis


Time Synchronization

Low Latency Development Apps

Tick to Trade


Low Latency HLS Shell


TradeCope Trade Platform

Vitis Quantitative Finance Library

AMD Vitis Quantitative Finance Library provides accelerated functions and pre-built pricing models to allow developers to quickly build accelerated computational solutions while lowering TCO (Total cost of ownership).

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