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SmartSSD Computational Storage Drive

Big Acceleration for Big Data


The First and Only Adaptive Computational Storage Platform

The Samsung SmartSSD® computational storage drive (CSD)- powered by the AMD Adaptive Platform- is  the industry’s first customizable, programmable computational storage platform. The SmartSSD CSD dramatically  accelerates data-intensive applications by 10X or more by pushing compute to where the data lives. 

Accelerating Data-Rich Applications

The SmartSSD CSD platform accelerates a variety of applications including database management, video processing, artificial intelligence layers, and virtualization. Runtimes, libraries, APIs, and drivers can be built into the system using common application frameworks.​


AI/ML Inferencing


Business Intelligence


Big Data Analytics


Video Transcoding


Financial Services




Search Queries


Transparent Compression

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Transparent Compression

  • Up to 10X more storage capacity
  • Works with every application
  • Line rate compression performance

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Video File Transcoding

  • 60% reduction in video transcoding costs
  • Accelerate transcoding for VoD
  • Scale-up server performance

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The AMD Adaptive Platform

At the heart of the SmartSSD CSD is the AMD Adaptive Platform, which harnesses the programmability of AMD FPGAs to create the first fully customizable computational storage device.

The SmartSSD CSD has been engineered to enable a new range of developers- including software engineers and AI scientists - to build turnkey solutions with uncompromising hardware acceleration.



Simplified Development

The AMD Vitis™ environment allows development in C, C++, or OpenCL, automatically tailoring the hardware architecture to the software or algorithmic code without the need for hardware expertise.


AMD Storage Services

With AMD Storage Services, the SmartSSD CSD includes powerful offload capability that is integrated with popular storage software such as dm-crypt and Virtual Data Optimizer. 


Xilinx Runtime Environment

The Xilinx Run Time Environment allows access to the full spectrum of hardware description languages (HDLs), including Verilog and VHDL, for maximum design flexibility and optimization. This design flow also simplifies the re-use of existing accelerator IP designed in HDL for ASICs or FPGAs




Internal Data Path

The AMD FPGA provides logic elements and CPU cores for acceleration, and the SSD controller provides the NAND media interface and management. A private, high-speed peer-to-peer link connects the SSD controller to the FPGA for ultra-low latency processing. This internal bandwidth scales as SmartSSD CSDs are added to a system.


Challenge: Turn Big Data Into Fast Data

  • The global datasphere will grow from 45 zettabytes in 2019 to 175 by 2025 and 30% of the world’s data will need real-time processing.
  • This data explosion creates challenges for secure storage, retrieval, processing and analysis.
  • Moving data between storage and CPU creates performance bottlenecks for data-intensive applications.
  • CPU-centric architectures create unacceptable delays in data processing, high costs, and density and scalability issues.


Solution: SmartSSD CSD Brings Compute To Where The Data Lives

An acceleration-dedicated AMD Kintex™ UlltraScale+ FPGA combined with a high-performance Samsung Enterprise SSD controller, with a fast private data path between them.

  • High-speed computations on data where it is stored
  • Blazing fast parallel computation
  • Massive performance gains and dense, linear scalability
  • Frees the CPU to handle other higher-level tasks more efficiently.

The Advantages of Computational Storage


Faster SQL query execution on Parquet data from 1 SmartSSD CSD, and performance scales with addtional drives


Reduction in CPU utilization from 3 SmartSSD CSDs, while maintaining the same video transcoding frame rate

72 GBps

Read rate of LZ4 compressed data and line rate decompression from 24 SmartSSD CSDs in a single 2U server

  • Moving massive amounts of data between storage and compute resources is inefficient. As data volumes increase, host CPUs become system bottlenecks, limiting processing capability. Complex search queries can take hours, even days, while businesses suffer.
  • Data centers are forced to throw more and more servers at the problem, driving up their CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Computational storage solves this problem by bringing the compute close to the storage media. Data is processed directly on the SmartSSD CSD before it reaches the host CPU, avoiding large data transfers and speeding up time-to-insight. Cost-effective scalability is easy: processing power scales virtually linearly with storage capacity as more drives are added.

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Price: $2,371
Lead Time: 5 weeks
Part Number: A-U2-P04T-PQ-G

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