Xilinx Developer Program

Joining the Xilinx Developer Program gives you access to the resources necessary to build your applications successfully on all Xilinx platforms.

When you join our free program, you will have access to the latest Xilinx development tools to accelerate your applications in various areas such as accelerated computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These core technologies are leading fundamental change in many industries including high-performance computing, 5G, autonomous driving, robotics, smart city, industrial, healthcare, and many more.

The program also enables you to share your technical insights and projects with the Xilinx community! 


  • Additional Perks: Free accessory pack when you purchase the Kria™ SOM AI Starter Kit
  • Developer conferences, developer contests, meet-ups & speaking opportunities 
  • Sign up for product newsletter & technical blogs 
  • Access to exclusive on-demand  technical sessions from Xilinx developer events 
  • Invitations for developer-only events and activities

Featured Benefit

As a member of the Developer Program, you have access to a free accessory pack when you purchase the Kria SOM AI, Starter Kit

The KV260 Starter Kit is fully featured and optimized for the K26 SOM. Designed for Vision AI applications, the KV260 is the fastest way to develop unique solutions for production volume deployment with the K26 SOM without requiring complex hardware design knowledge. 

Original Price: $258 (KV260 $199 + Basic Accessory Pack $59)
Member Price$199  (KV260 $199 + Basic Accessory Pack FREE)
Part Number: DS-XPA-199
Lead Time: 26 weeks
Exclusions Apply:
- Only 1 Bundle is allowed per Xilinx Developer Account
- Offer only applies to the first 1000 units 
- Only applies when purchasing from the Xilinx online store, and from certain geographies

Xilinx Partner Programs

Xilinx offers many benefits for Partners of all types. Click the button below to see the benefits Xilinx offers for partners. If you're already a Partner use this area for all of your partner resource needs. We've enhanced and unified our partner area to offer a single starting point for current and upcoming members. Click the button below for resources.