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Whether you're an AI scientist, software developer, or hardware developer, we have the exclusive content you need, including training, videos, on-demand tutorials, demos, and more.

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Connect with a pool of active and innovative developers and unleash your intelligence. Join our support community and become an advocate of a quickly evolving technology space.

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Explore the power of adaptive computing platforms to solve real-world problems. Xilinx makes adaptive computing accessible to hardware-, software-, and AI developers alike.


Coming Soon - Get hands-on training and certification in Vitis and Vitis AI. Develop applications and unleash the full potential of AI acceleration on Xilinx FPGAs and ACAPs.


When you join our free program

You will have access to the latest Xilinx development tools to accelerate your applications in various areas such as accelerated computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These core technologies are leading fundamental change in many industries including high-performance computing, 5G, autonomous driving, robotics, smart city, industrial, healthcare, and many more.

The program also enables you to share your technical insights and projects with the Xilinx community! 

Key Benefits Include:

  • Access to free training courses on Xilinx tools and platforms:
    Vitis™  |  Vitis AI  |  Vivado® ML
  • Opportunities to showcase your projects and articles on the Xilinx Developer site
  • Access to exclusive on-demand technical sessions from Xilinx developer events
  • Developer conferences, developer contests, meet-up events & speaking opportunities 
  • Sign up for the product newsletter & technical blogs 
  • Invitations for developer-only events and activities

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