Cycuity, Inc.

  • Partner Tier: Select
  • Program Member Since: 2019
    • San Jose, CA, US (Headquarters)

Partner Information

Cycuity is a cybersecurity company that provides security assurance for semiconductor chips, a rapidly emerging target for remote cyberattacks. Cycuity’s security solutions enable comprehensive, scalable, and traceable security verification to ensure the chips powering our modern electronic systems are developed securely. Similar to the DevSecOps approach for software, our Radix technology integrates automated security assurance at every step of the hardware development lifecycle so organizations can detect and mitigate vulnerabilities before manufacturing.


  • Design Services

Markets Supported

  • Automotive
  • Data Center
  • Aerospace and Defense

Engagement Model

  • SOW-Based Fixed Bid Projects
  • Captive Engineering Resources at Partner and Customer Location

Design Services

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