AMD Wireless and Wired Military Communications (MILCOM) solutions are designed to meet network infrastructure needs to provide a reliable, high-performance and secure platform for development of MILCOM networking systems.

AMD 7 series FPGAs brings the highest reprogrammable signal processing performance to host waveforms from narrowband to ultra-wideband on next generation Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms.  SDR is the standard for all military and public safety radio terminals and base stations.  AMD has the right products from Kintex™ 7 and Virtex™ 7 devices for high end wideband base stations to low power Artix™ 7 devices for battery powered radios.  Zynq™ 7000, our SoC, combines the best in ARM processor (PS) performance and FPGA logic (PL) to provide all of the essential ingredients for SDR digital baseband processing platforms.  Zynq provides more than simple silicon integration of PS and PL into a single chip.  It is the unique AXI switch fabric that couples ARM processing with logic fabric in a way that has never been done for embedded processor systems.  The low latency high throughput AXI between the ARM and logic allows new and exciting hardware-in-the-loop functions to your code running on the ARM processor.  Use the logic to accelerate encryption of packets being processed by the ARM core or use it to accelerate compute intensive functions such as Turbocoders and other signal processing functions.

From High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE) to Intrusion Detection Systems with deep packet inspection, AMD delivers the desired network interface support, high-performance silicon, and IP to create optimal wired MILCOM designs.  From classic waveform modem algorithms to advanced video processing, AMD delivers best-in-class signal processing parallelism that exceeds greater than 1 trillion MACs per second.

Meet Market Needs for Bandwidth Scalability and Flexibility

With AMD, Wireless and Wired MILCOM Equipment Manufacturers can focus on product features, rapid product development, and deployment to address the challenge of doubling equipment capacity and performance requirements. Developers can leverage best-of-class products and solutions to ensure support for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Provide "Connected Anywhere, Any-time, Any-device" Services

  • Support for standard networking protocols
  • High speed SerDes for 40G-100G network operation
  • In-house industry veterans and experts that understand customer needs
  • Communications Targeted Design Platforms to speed time-to-market
  • ASIC-like tools and methodologies, without NRE costs
  • High Level Synthesis for C to RTL development environment
  • System Generator for advanced signal processing development from model to implementation
  • Simple, responsive business and engineering interface
  • Scalable engineering services and program management

Design Secure, Reprogrammable Systems

  • Security features and methodologies (IDF) including solutions for Anti-tamper(AT) and Information Assurance (IA)
  • Single Chip Crypto
  • Red/black in one device

High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE)



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