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Aerospace and Defense Platforms

Accelerate time to mission with platform solutions

AMD offers solution platforms and meets aerospace and defense industry standards and form-factor solutions in collaboration with our ecosystem partners and through COTS offerings. Available platforms include FACE, HOST, SOSA, etc., 3U and 6U VPX solutions as well as customized and small form factor system-in-package (SiP) solutions.


UltraScale™ & Versal™ Architecture
COTS Level Platforms


Versal AI Core
Enabled RFSiP


Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC
ZU3 Enabled SiP

COTS Level Partner Solutions

Explore AMD UltraScale and Versal architecture-based COTS platforms that satisfy requirements for rapid prototyping and system development with common aerospace and defense form-factors and comply with the latest industry standards.


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Versal AI Core Enabled RF System in Package

Ultra-Wideband Direct RF Front-End Processor

The Mercury RFSiP integrates the Versal AI Core adaptive SoC with discrete data converters in a single package, combining direct RF signal processing capacity with massive DSP and AI compute in a small form factor. The SWaP-optimized platform delivers industry-leading performance-per-watt for signal processing in communications, EW, and radar applications.

Ultra-wideband RFSiP (RFS1140) Features:

  • Versal AI Core VC1902, with up to 3.8/1+ TMACs Cint16/Cfp32
  • 4x Ultra-wideband Tx/Rx channels,10bit, 64 Gsps per channel
  • 36 GHz of analog bandwidth, with 4GHz IBW per channel
  • 300+ Gbps of bandwidth for data offload, via PCIe Gen4 or Ethernet
  • Vitis enabled platform infrastructure with BSP
  • Integrated SWAP Optimized 50mm x 50mm SiP

Octavo (OSDZU3) System in Package


Compact Easy-to-Use ZU3-Based System Controller

The OSZU3 integrates the AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC with supporting circuitry into a BGA Package providing a 60% size reduction as compared to a discrete chip-down custom solution. Developing with the OSDZU3 removes board-level complexity and reduces design effort by up to 9 months without sacrificing flexibility and performance.

  • Integrates ZU3 MPSoC, power management, and necessary memories
  • Access to all unused ZU3 I/O in the SiP BGA pinout
  • Single 5V Vin generates all required power rails
  • 1mm pitch BGA allows for low cost PCB design rules
  • Over 150 components integrated into 1 SiP
  • Simplifies supply chain, lowers assembly cost