Programmable Logic Controller

Employing the Artix™ 7 FPGA and AMD IP solutions enables a smaller form factor programmable logic controller (PLC) with greater flexibility, lower BOM cost and lower total power consumption compared to traditional architectures. Serving as a companion device to the main processor, the FPGA replaces communication expansion modules.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • MicroBlaze™ 32 bit processor for real-time control offloads real-time Industrial Ethernet tasks from the main CPU
  • Support for SIL 2 and SIL 3 certified applications using AMD IDF flow to separate safe and non-safe hardware functions in a single FPGA device
  • Small footprint (15 x 15mm) and single chip solution for small form factor
  • High density I/O support for maximum connectivity
  • Reprogrammable fabric for upgradeability
  • High performance, high precision motor control drive functions in FPGA, e.g., real time acceleration of positional, speed, and current/voltage loops



Design with Zynq 7000s SoC Solution

Key Zynq 7000s Benefits

  • ARM® Cortex-A9 for high-speed I/O data management
  • Improved system performance by offloading CPU functions to the integrated programmable logic
  • On-chip AXI interface between CPU and I/O backplane greatly reduces latency, power consumption, and system size
  • High levels of integration results in fewer chips and lower BOM cost
  • Single-Chip SIL-3 Safety Module