Vitis Video Analytics SDK 

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Build Your Own Intelligent Video Analytics Solution

The Vitis Video Analytics SDK is designed to build and deploy intelligent video analytics applications and services on AMD target platforms or your own platforms. Being built on top of AMD Vitis™ and Vitis™ AI, it is based on the popular Gstreamer framework and provides commonly used plugins including video, pre-processing, deep learning, and post-processing. You are free to write C/C++ or Python code with Vitis Video Analytics SDK to build end-to-end IVA pipelines.

  • Optimized for end-to-end throughput and latency for multi-stream and multi-stage applications
  • Offers extensive AI models support for popular object detection, segmentation, and classification tasks
  • Custom plugins for hardware acceleration and software processing
  • Migration between embedded and PCIe acceleration platforms with minimal effort  

The Complete Software Stack

To Build and Deploy AI-Based Intelligent Video Analytics Applications

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Performance & Scalability

Deliver the best-in-class, end-to-end performance across edge, on-premise, and cloud

Adaptable & Flexible

Provides flexible analytics workflow and offers extensive AI models to meet your needs

Productivity & TCO

From rapid prototyping to full production with less development effort and deployment cost

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Build Your Intelligent Video Analytics Applications With Ease

Best-in-Class Performance

End-to-end throughput KV260 image

Source: WP529, benchmarked with Uncanny Vision’s ANPR application with Vitis VAS and Deepstream 5.0 

End-to-end throughput VCK5000 image

AI model: Yolov3(416x416) + 3 * Resnet18(224x224), benchmarked with Vitis VAS and Deepstream 5.0


Partner Solutions



Smart Retail/City/Building

  • Full video AI solutions at the edge
  • Smart city, smart building, and smart retail
  • High efficiency, low latency, and scalability

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Edge AI Training

  • AI training at the edge on FPGA with a 10x performance/cost advantage vs GPUs
  • Support for Tensorflow, PyTorch, and Keras

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