Real-Time Anti-Money Laundering Watch List Management Compute Solution

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Learn how our AML WLM solution can detect & stop money laundering activities.

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Discover how AMD and AWS are combating money laundering in this demo video.

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More than 1 trillion US dollars will be
involved in money laundering in 2020

The Problem


Customers find it prohibitively expensive to move anti-money laundering watch list management from batch to real-time. Money laundering activities are evolving and customers want to use advanced detection analytics but face a limited response time of 100ms for online transaction monitoring and filtering. Manual review of transactions by analysts is costly and strains already scarce personnel. Industry statistics indicate that false-positive rate for suspicious activity alerts range between 75% and 90%, decreasing customer satisfaction.

The Solution


Move Your AML WLM from Batch to Real-Time

Real-Time Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Watch List Management (WLM) Compute Solution from AMD enables financial institutions and government agencies to detect, enforce, and prohibit fraudulent transactions in real-time; minimizing risk and preventing revenue loss.


Reduce Infrastructure Cost by >90%
In a POV with a  European Bank, the Real-Time AML WLM Compute Solution was able to reduce infrastructure costs by >90% versus the best alternative solution.

Simple Integration and Support
Integration with the Real-Time AML WLM Compute Solution can be done with minimal configurations. AMD also offers customizations to meet your API requirements unique to your business needs.

Reduce Response Times by 650X
The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) concluded that 30% of alerts take more than 30 minutes and 10% take more than an hour to close. Reducing response time and hastening resolution is key for improving NPS.

WLM Screens Against
- Sanctioned Watch Lists (i.e: OFAC SDN)
- Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
- Head of International Organizations (HIO)