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Boards and Kits Targeting Cost-Optimized Design

Xilinx and Alliance Members provide out-of-the box design solutions that significantly cut development time and enhance productivity. Development/evaluation kits, targeting the cost-sensitive design, offer all the basic components of hardware, design tools, IP, and pre-verified reference designs, enabling evaluation and development of diverse applications.

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Featured Cost-Optimized Design Boards and Kits

Avnet ZUBoard 1CG Development Board

The ZUBoard 1CG Development Board provides the flexibility and versatility for engineers to experiment with and learn the AMD Xilinx Zynq ® UltraScale+ ™ architecture.

Arty S7-50 Spartan-7 FPGA Evaluation Kit

The Arty S7 board features new Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA and is the latest member of the Arty family for Makers and Hobbyists. The Spartan-7 FPGA offers the most size, performance, and cost-conscious design engineered with the latest technologies from Xilinx and is fully compatible with Vivado Design Suite.

Artix-7 35T Arty FPGA Evaluation Kit

Designed by Avnet, a completely customizable development kit perfect for embedded designers looking for a flexible, low-power platform. The evaluation board is a complete system, packaging all the necessary functions and interfaces needed for an embedded processor system onto a small footprint.

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