Certified Ubuntu on AMD Devices


Ubuntu by Canonical Ltd is the gold standard for easy-to-use Linux-based operating systems. Now you can accelerate your application development by using Certified Ubuntu on AMD Devices. Ubuntu brings the best of the open source world right to your AMD development platform.


Get the Certified Ubuntu on AMD Devices image from ubuntu.com.


Boot directly into a full Ubuntu experience on selected AMD evaluation boards. 


Immediately start developing using all of the Vitis AI tools and libraries inside the Ubuntu ecosystem.

Standard Issue Ubuntu

Certified Ubuntu for AMD Devices


Certified Ubuntu for AMD devices is standard issue Ubuntu. Download your favorite package from the Ubuntu Software Center or from the Canonical Snap Store at snapcraft.io. AMD has begun packaging select reference designs and applications as snaps so they can be integrated easily. Ubuntu makes it possible to do more faster.

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Vitis - Enabled

Get to work quickly by combining the power of the rich Ubuntu software ecosystem with the AMD Vitis™ AI acceleration framework and the Vitis AI model Zoo.


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Read more about Certified Ubuntu for AMD Devices on the AMD Wiki

Download the Release Image
Certified Ubuntu for AMD devices is available now for the ZCU102, ZCU104, and ZCU106 Evaluation Platforms, as well as the KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit. Download >

Get to Work Quickly
Certified Ubuntu for AMD devices ships with demos out-of-the-box or your can develop and deploy your own.
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Get Help From the Support Community
Stuck? You can get help on the AMD Embedded Linux Forums.
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