• Part Number: eSOL-eT-Kernel
  • Vendor: eSOL Co., Ltd
  • Alliance Member

Product Description

The eT-Kernel real-time operating system (RTOS) is designed for embedded systems that require high performance and reliability. eT-Kernel has product certification for the highest safety levels under both the ISO 26262 (for automobiles) and IEC 61508 (for industrial equipment) functional safety standards (the ASIL D and SIL 4 safety levels, respectively). eSOL has also obtained certification that its development processes for RTOS products comply with the IEC 62304 safety standard for medical devices.eT-Kernel is based on the open TRON architecture which is the most widely adopted in embedded systems in Japan and Asian countries. eT-Kernel offers a choice of configurations to suit different system sizes and applications, being made up of three scalable profiles that include a compact RTOS with excellent real-time performance that has a similar structure to µITRON, and a POSIX-compliant RTOS that is highly compatible with Linux.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast real-time response
  • High reliability
  • High scalability
  • POSIX-compliant
  • Multi-core-ready
  • Proven track record in automotive/consumer products