Order & Activate - O-RAN Radio Interface Ordering Instructions

Access to the O-RAN Radio Interface

Full access to this IP core, including bitstream generation capability, requires that you generate and install a Full License Key.

The sole purpose of the O-RAN core is to help you develop designs for Xilinx devices. AMD reserves the right to deny access to the IP core products. The O-RAN IP core is licensed under the Core License Agreement.


Please refer to the Requirements link on the product page for this core for information on:

    Software and system requirements
    Licensing terms and conditions for evaluation

Ordering Information

To purchase any of these IP cores, contact your local Sales Representative referencing the appropriate part number(s) in below table.

Description License Key
Part Number
LogiCORE, ORAN Radio Interface, Site License oran_radio_if EF-DI-ORAN-RADIO-IF-SITE

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