IP Encryption

AMD Vivado™ Design Suite supports IEEE-1735-2014 Version 2 compliant encryption. IP encryption covers HDL (SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL) design entry up to the bitstream generation. IP authors can manage the access rights of their IP by expressing how the tool should interact with IP.



  • Does encryption tool work with specific version of Vivado?
    Version 2 of encryption is supported on Vivado 2016.3 and later versions. AMD recommends that you use Vivado 2017.2.1 or later version to take advantage of latest security updates.  
  • Which languages are supported by AMD encryption tool?
    Currently AMD supports VHDL, Verilog & SystemVerilog.
  • How to encrypt the file?
    Refer to user guide on how to encrypt the file.

  • Where can I find encryption examples?
    These examples are for demonstration purpose only. It may not use all the available rights and it should not be used to encrypt your IP sources.
  • Does AMD support Version 1 of IEEE 1735 encryption?
    Version 1 of IEEE-1735 -2014 is supported by AMD under limited access program. Please contact your local sales office or Applications Engineer for more information


  • Does encryption feature require license?
    Yes, encryption feature requires license, please see answer records on how to obtain a license.
  • Do my customers need license to use encrypted files?
    No, decryption is not licensed so your customers do not need special license to use encrypted files.
  • How much does encryption license cost?
    Encryption license is available at no cost to Xilinx customers.
  • How do I license my encrypted IPs?
    AMD provides 3rd party IP licensing scheme that allows IP partners to generate licenses for their IPs. Please contact AMD sales to get more details.
  • Can I use Version 2 encrypted IPs with any other vendor tool?
    Consult with third-party tool vendors to determine if they support Version 2 compliance level.

  • Can I encrypt my IP for multiple vendors?
    Interoperability of encrypted sources is allowed between Version 2 compliant vendor tools. Consult with third-party tool vendors to determine if they support Version 2 compliance level.