Vitis Embedded Base Platforms - 2021.2  Full Product Installation

Important Information

To install these platforms, download and extract these platforms to /opt/xilinx/platforms.

Embedded platform source files can be found at Xilinx github.

Demo applications: Please check Vitis Accel Example for demo applications for these platforms.

This VCK190 Base Platform is for production VCK190 board. For VCK190 ES1 board, please visit VCK190 EA lounge.

Download Type
  • Full Product Installation
Last Updated
  • Nov 3, 2021

Common Images for Embedded Vitis Platforms - 2021.2 

Important Information

The ‘common image’ packages below contain a prebuilt Linux kernel and root file system that can be used with any Zynq, ZynqMP or Versal board for embedded Vitis platform developers.

These files need to be copied to an SD flash card along with the platform specific boot image (boot.bin) available from the Vitis Embedded Platform page.
Also included is the ‘sysroot’ required for embedded Vitis platform application development.  The script must to be used to setup the compressed Yocto Project SDK on a Linux development host properly.

Note: PetaLinux Tools installation is not necessary to use the common images.  The licenses and sources used to create the common image content is provided below.

Download Includes
  • Common Images
Download Type
Last Updated
  • Oct 27, 2021