Introducing Versal HBM Series: Compute Faster, Smarter, Safer

AMD introduces the Versal™ HBM series, enabling the hyper integration of fast memory, adaptive compute, and secure connectivity in one device for most compute intensive, memory bound, high bandwidth applications.

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Introducing Kria: Xilinx Adaptive System-on-Modules

Check out the new Kria K26 SOM. Built for accelerating vision AI applications, the production-ready K26 is the fastest way to deploy adaptive hardware at the edge. Kria SOMs were designed with SW engineers in mind, providing familiar design environments without requiring FPGA programming experience, and enabled by the KV260 low-cost out-of-the-box ready development kit. Getting started with Xilinx has never been easier.

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Introducing the Versal HBM Series VHK158 Evaluation Kit

The VHK158 Evaluation Kit features the Versal™ HBM series VH1582 device, which integrates multi-Tbps High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), hardened connectivity IP, and adaptive compute in a single device, eliminating the bottlenecks between memory, I/O, and compute while delivering up to 6 times more memory bandwidth. This video highlights the key onboard interfaces and components as well as accessories that the VHK158 evaluation kit provides.

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Introducing the Versal Premium Adaptive SoC

Experience the world’s highest bandwidth, highest compute density adaptable platform for network processing and compute acceleration. Fast, secure, and future-proof, the newest adaptive SoC delivers breakthrough integration of networked, power-optimized cores. Versal™ Premium series is designed to solve the challenges of high bandwidth networks within thermally and spatially constrained environments, as well as the compute demands of cloud service providers.

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