Industrial Networks

Spartan 6 for Industrial Networks

Modern factories are efficient, configurable, and highly automated systems. The critical technology at the heart of the new generation of factories is Industrial Ethernet, which provides deterministic communication across networked devices in the system. The high performance logic in Spartan 6 FPGAs enables designers to implement low latency Industrial Ethernet switches that ensure deterministic communication even while the number of nodes on the network grows. The programmable logic also allows designers to integrate motor control, safety, and interfaces to legacy communication standards all onto one chip for the smallest form factor hardware possible.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Integrate communication and high performance motor control onto one chip
  • Programmable logic allows multiple protocols to be implemented on the same hardware platform
  • High performance logic enables low latency Ethernet switches
  • 15X motor control loop time reduction compared to typical MCUs
  • High efficiency motor control algorithms help reduce cost of motor and noise filters
  • Reduce system power with more efficient control