Drives & Motor Control

Scale from single to multi-axis control with embedded analytics and uncompromised determinism, performance, and power efficiency with AMD SoCs & FPGAs


Modern Electric Drives are expected to do so much more than control motors, including:

  • Connectivity over diverse Industrial Ethernet standards including support for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)
  • Compliance for OpenSafety, ISO13849 Ple CAT 4, IEC 61508 SIL 3 functional safety and IEC 62443 cybersecurity
  • Support for a higher number of sensor inputs, increasingly diverse in type
  • Integrated human machine interface (HMI)
  • Smaller physical footprint for a growing number of applications
  • Lower system-level power consumption through fast nanosecond loop closure time
  • Enhanced data logging
  • Support of QEI, BISS, Endat 2.0, Hyperface Encoders
  • Real-time analytics and machine learning supporting predictive maintenance and control, remote diagnostics, digital twin, and additional edge intelligence use cases

Maintaining precise, deterministic control over any number of motors, from common two-level invertors to silicon carbide three-level invertors, while integrating the modern and evolving features highlighted above is ideally suited for AMD adaptive SoCs and FPGAs because the programmable logic inherently offers isolation from other functions. An application processor cache miss, evolving standard, or new functional block in your design no longer has to impact control loop or communication cycle timing, even at 100,000 RPM and above.

The easiest way to get started is the AMD Electric Drive Demonstration Platform (EDDP.) EDDP is made up of a hardware kit that can be purchased from Trenz Electronic and features no-charge C++ implementation of a field-oriented control algorithm from motor control specialists, Qdesys. The open-source designs support both the AMD Vivado HLS and Vitis tool flows and offer a no-charge upgrade path to SPYN, an innovative python-based motor control analytics and machine learning framework, utilizing the EDDP hardware to educate and develop your own C/C++ based algorithms with.  EDDP is supported by training videos and a community forum. EDDP includes a brushless DC motor (BLDC) but AMD solutions support a wide variety of AC and DC motors including servo motors. EDDP platform can be further software upgraded for free to realize accelerated Edge & Cloud predictive maintenance with azure IoT

Design Examples Description Device Support

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Single-Axis Motor Control

Design with Spartan 7 FPGA

  • Flexibility to support multiple communication standards
  • Single-chip design for higher reliability
  • MicroBlaze™ soft processors for system control and communications
  • Full suite of production ready IP for faster design productivity

Spartan 7 FPGA, Artix 7 FPGA

Zynq 7000S SoC

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Multi-Axis Motor Control

Design with Zynq 7000S SoC

  • ARM® Cortex-A9 for high-performance control and systems communications
  • Higher performance and reduced power consumption through optimized pulse width modulation implementation
  • Single API with AnyBus IP to connect to multiple industrial ethernet standards
  • Single-chip design for higher reliability
  • Full suite of production ready IP for faster design implementation

Zynq UltraScale+ CG, EG, EV MPSoC

Zynq 7000 SoC

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Motor Control

Design with FPGA or SoC

  • Single chip Motor Control with IP that includes comprehensive hardware functions for the most accurate control of electric drives
  • Instantiating the IP Core multiple times in the same device allows multi-motor solutions to be created without any performance loss

AMD adaptive SoCs

Kria K26 SOM

Versal AI Edge

Artix 7 FPGA

Spartan 7 FPGA

Solutions Stack

Some Industrial and Healthcare IoT products need all elements of the AMD IIoT and HcIoT Solutions Stack, all need some. The AMD IIoT and HcIoT Solutions Stack is comprised of optimized AMD and Ecosystem building blocks and solutions used across Industrial and Healthcare IoT platforms. Starting from scratch is never something you will have to do with a AMD-based Industrial or Healthcare IoT system. Minimize development time and cost and maximize design reuse on your next Industrial or Healthcare IoT platform by exploring the different elements of the AMD IIoT and HcIoT Solutions Stack.