Varium C1100 Blockchain Accelerator Card

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Product Description

The AMD Varium™ C1100 is a blockchain developer card designed to accelerate compute-intensive blockchain applications, including transaction validation and hash calculations used in most Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms. The large FPGA Fabric on the AMD Varium C1100 card allows users to implement parallel computational pipelines and run multiple hashing algorithms in parallel to deliver the highest performance with the lowest power consumption.

Built on AMD UltraScale+ architecture, the Varium™ C1100 accelerator card provides a compact single slot, full-height, half-length form factor while operating up to 75W maximum power (passively cooled). The card features dual QSFP28 networking I/O capable of supporting 8 x 25 Gb/s, PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen3x16 or gen4x8, and 8GB of HBM.

A USB interface provides debugging and programming support. It allows users access to the BMC for system monitoring and control, FPGA UART for bitstream connectivity, and FPGA JTAG for Vivado programming and debugging.

The Varium accelerator card can be easily programmed using Vitis™ development environment from AMD, enables crypto miners to develop different mining algorithms in high-level programming languages such as C and C++.

Key Features & Benefits


  • Accelerates several blockchain applications. The FPGA accelerator delivers > 50MH/s with TDP of <150W.


  • Algorithms can be implemented efficiently to consume less power than general purpose GPUs for equivalent performance.


  • Flexible, fully customizable architecture adapts to several blockchain acceleration applications including ASIC resistant mining algorithms for multiple coins.


  • Low latency network capability through 100G networking with support for 8x 10GbE, 8x 25GbE, or 2x 40GbE or 2x 100GbE.
 Card Specifications Varium C1100 (V-C1100-P00G-PQ-G-P)
Compute Resources
Look-up Tables(LUTs) 872
Registers 1,743
DSP Slices 5,952
Height Full Height
Length Half Length
Width Single Slot
HBM Memory Capacity 8 GB
HBM Total Bandwidth 460 GB/s
Internal SRAM Capacity 28 MB
Internal SRAM Total Bandwidth 24 TB/s
Physical Interfaces
PCI Express® Gen3x 16, 2 x Gen4x 8
Network Interfaces Dual QSFP28 (2 x 100Gbps)
Micro-USB Connector Yes
Tool Support
Vitis Developer Environment Yes
Vitis Platform Gen3x4 XDMA1
Vivado Design Suite Yes
Power and Thermal
Maximum Total Power 75W
Thermal Cooling Passive

Note: 1 V-C1100-P00G-PQ-G card supports PCIe Gen3x4 deployment platform shells for Blockchain solution

Getting Started

Getting started with the Varium C1100 Blockchain Accelerator Card is quick and easy.  View our Quick Start Videos to get started today.

Varium C1100 Accelerator File Downloads

Users who use high level programming languages such as C/C++ can use Vitis™ software platform for targeting the Varium accelerator card. Steps to deploy and develop using Vitis are given below. Long-time FPGA designers might want to use traditional design flows, such as RTL or HLx. This flow does not require installing the Vitis platform.

Vitis Design Flow
Vivado Design Flow

Develop Your Own Varium C1100 Blockchain Applications in Vivado

Vitis Ethereum Mining

Explore Vitis Ethereum Mining library on the AMD GitHub mine Ethereum on the Varium accelerator card.

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Varium C1100

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