Platform Studio and the Embedded Development Kit (EDK)

The Embedded Development Kit (EDK) is an integrated development environment for designing embedded processing systems. This pre-configured kit includes AMD Platform Studio and the Software Development kit, as well as all the documentation and IP that you require for designing AMD Platform FPGAs with embedded PowerPC® hard processor cores and/or MicroBlaze™ soft processor cores.

The Embedded Development Kit Provides:

  • Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) Tool Suite - Including: Graphical IDE and command line support for developing hardware platforms for embedded applications.  The Base System Builder wizard enables creation of a working embedded system within minutes.  XPS also includes other intelligent design wizards to quickly configure the embedded system architecture, buses and peripherals.

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for MicroBlaze and PowerPC - Including: GNU C/C++ compiler and debugger; AMD Microprocessor Debug (XMD) target server; Data2MEM utility for bitstream loading and updating.  SDK is the recommended software-centric design environment based on the Eclipse IDE.

  • Real-Time Operating System and Embedded OS Support - Provides design support and board support package (BSP) generation for numerous third party suppliers in the AMD ecosystem, including vendors such as Wind River, Green Hills, Mentor, LynuxWorks and other embedded industry leaders.

  • Processing IP and MicroBlaze Soft Processor Core -Pre-verified IP catalog, including a wide variety of processing peripheral cores for customizing your embedded systems as well as the flexible MicroBlaze 32-bit soft processing core. The MicroBlaze processor offers memory management and FPU configuration options enabling commercial grade RTOS support, unique for a soft processor.