10 Gigabit Ethernet PCS/PMA with FEC/Auto-Negotiation (10GBASE-KR)


Product Description

NOTE:  For UltraScale and UltraScale+ device support, refer to the 10G/25G Ethernet Subsystem

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet backpane PCS/PMA (10GBASE-KR) is a LogiCORE™ which has an optional FEC (forward error correction) and/or auto-negotiation protocol and link training allowing ultimate flexibility in your solution. The IP provides a XGMII interface to a 10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC and implements a 10.3125 Gbps serial single channel PHY over a backplane.
The demand for 10G Ethernet is being driven in the data center as internet data traffic continues to grow. LAN application include Storage Area Networking (SAN), aggregation of 1G Ethernet links, and switch to switch links in the data center, equipment room or in different buildings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports Virtex 7, Kintex 7 and Virtex 6
  • Designed to 10-Gigabit Ethernet specification IEEE 802.3-2012 clause 49, Forward Error Correction (FEC) clause 74, and Auto-Negotiation clause 73
  • Optional Management Data Interface (MDIO) interface to manage PCS/PMA registers according to specification IEEE 802.3-2012 clause 45
  • Available under the Project Core License Agreement 
  • Supports LAN mode only 
  • SDR XGMII interface connects seamlessly to the 10G Ethernet MAC

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