AMD IP Evaluation

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All Evaluation IP found on this site is covered by the Core Evaluation License Agreement. Please read this document carefully. Before you access an evaluation IP core or IP core evaluation license key, you will be prompted to confirm that you have accepted this license agreement.

IP Evaluation Package Formats

IP Evaluation packages may be provided with the following:

  • Vivado™ Design Suite
  • ISE™ Design Suite CORE Generator™ IP customization GUIs
    • Use these to generate IP implementation netlists and Unisim-based functional simulation models
  • 4 Month Hardware Evaluation License Keys
    • Many cores can be evaluated in hardware either "out of the box" (Processor/EDK IP cores), or after installing a Full System Evaluation License Key (applies to most fee-based cores shipped with Vivado). Such cores typically cease to function in a programmed device after some number of hours. The actual number of hours varies, depending upon the core.

In some limited cases, the following may be provided instead:

  • IP customization GUIs which can be used to generate tailored, obfuscated behavioral models for simulation

If the instructions direct you to contact your FAE, you may be asked to manually sign a hard copy of the appropriate Xilinx Core Evaluation License Agreement.

Please refer to the System Requirements link and IP core Product Guide (if available) for each individual package for core-specific information.

IP Licensing Key Installation Help

Ordering Information

Licenses for LogiCORE™ IP may be purchased through your local Sales Representative.

Detailed ordering information is available by clicking the Order link on the product page for each core. You can access an IP core's product page from the IP-specific Evaluation information page links above, from the "breadcrumb" reference links at the top of each page.