Calculators and Estimators

The following tools and documents will help you obtain accurate estimates during the early stages of design feasibility study and creation, or perform design verification and post implementation validation.

Family Primary Reference
Virtex™ 5 FPGA Virtex 5 FPGA User Guide
Virtex 4 FPGA Virtex 4 PCB Designer's Guide
Virtex II, Virtex II Pro XAPP689


  • Managing SSO (XAPP689)
    Describes calculations that help your design meet input undershoot and logic-low voltage requirements for devices receiving signals from an FPGA. It also includes a calculator for Weighted Average Simultaneously Switching Output (WASSO) calculation at the bank and package levels.

Power Considerations

Power Estimators and Calculators are available for each AMD device family. Web Power Tools and Spreadsheet Tools are pre-implementation tools that estimate a design's power consumption based on the expected utilization of device resources, operating frequencies and toggle rates. Once the design has been implemented in AMD software tools, you can use XPower to precisely and accurately estimate the power consumption of your design.