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Amazon EC2 VT1 Instances

Reduce latency and cost with hardware accelerated video streaming in the cloud.

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Optimize Your Live Streaming Costs with Hardware Accelerated Transcoding


High Channel-Density​
at Low Latency​

Accelerates the entire video pipeline to optimize for cost-per-stream at transcode latencies as low as 8ms


Optimal Video Quality​
at Reduced Bandwidth

High compression efficiency and ABR scaling lowers bandwidth cost with optimal video quality


Cost-Effectively Scale
Interactive Media Applications

Scale to more users and content creators by maximizing streams per server and controlling bandwidth and power expenses

Future-Proofing Your Data Center for Live Video Streaming

Optimize Live Video Streaming with Accelerated Transcoding

With the rise of interactive media and real-time video, broadcasters and content providers are struggling to balance low latency, video quality, and cost per stream. Hardware accelerated transcoding has emerged as an effective method, and now with this technology available in the cloud, content providers can scale their real-time services seamlessly while reducing cost per stream.

Optimized for Cost-per-Stream

The VT1 instance is the only cloud solution powered by compute technology purpose-built for low latency transcoding. Based on AMD Alveo™ U30 media accelerator cards, the VT1 instance supports both H.264 and H.265 codec standards at up to sixteen 4Kp60 streams per instance (vt1.24x large), the highest channel density for live streaming in that enables lowest cost per stream on the AWS cloud.


Lower cost per Stream vs.
Amazon EC2 C5 CPU-Based Instances1

Low Latency Transcoding

Enabled by AMD hardware acceleration technology optimized for the H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) standards. Multiple transcoding jobs are managed across each accelerator card for deterministic latency, with multiple cards per instance to scale seamlessly. Stream, scale, and pay only for what you need.

Turnkey Solutions

With FFmpeg and Gstreamer support, VT1 instances integrate standard media frameworks for ease of migration of existing applications. The AMD Alveo™ U30 Video SDK is complete with tutorials, example designs, and a quick start guide—all available on GitHub. Users can launch a VT1 instances using AMD Amazon Machine Images (AMI) on AWS Marketplace to rapidly test their own use case in the cloud.

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Twitch Selects AWS VT1 for Live Streaming

"We are adopting Amazon EC2 VT1 instances to cost-efficiently transcode millions of live streams to deliver high streaming quality for viewers all over the world. We chose EC2 VT1 instances because they deliver the stream density and low latency we need without compromising on video compression or visual quality."


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  1. https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/vt1/  Performance and cost savings claims are provided by Amazon Web Services and have not been independently verified by AMD. Performance and cost benefits are impacted by a variety of variables. Results are specific to Amazon Web Services. GD-181.