Adaptable Acceleration for
the Modern Data Center

Advances in artificial intelligence, increasingly complex workloads, and an explosion of unstructured data are forcing rapid evolution of the data center. The AMD platform is powering this revolution through adaptable acceleration of compute, storage, and networking.

A New Category of Data Center Acceleration

Highest Performance

Achieve maximum throughput and ultra-low latency with optimized, domain-specific architectures


Adapt faster to evolving workloads by reconfiguring your hardware


Accelerate a wide range of use cases across Compute, Storage, and Networking

Industry Solutions

The AMD platform uniquely solves a broad range of industry specific problems.

Video and Imaging

Video and Imaging

Accelerate video and imaging workloads such as video transcoding, live streaming, and image processing.

Database and Data Analytics

Database and Data Analytics

Accelerate a broad range of database and data analytics workloads with applications from the AMD ecosystem.

Financial Technology

Financial Technology

Accelerate a range of workloads such as accelerated tick to trade, pre-trade risk checks, and market data processing.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Accelerate a broad base of applications that range from genome sequencing to weather modeling to applications that strengthen national security with ultra-high processing speeds, and flexibility.

Network Acceleration

Network Acceleration

Accelerate demanding networking workloads such as encryption, compression, filtering, deep packet inspection, and virtual switching and routing.

Computational Storage

Computational Storage

Significantly improve system-level TCO and efficiencies for storage workloads such as erasure coding, compression, and hashing/de-dupe.

AI Inference

Whole application acceleration – accelerate AI inference and pre/post processing and other critical workloads with domain specific architectures.

For low-latency AI Inference, AMD delivers the highest throughput at the lowest latency – across a broad range of networks and data types.

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Built for Any Server, Any Cloud

Deploy anywhere – from the private data center to the public cloud


Built for high throughput, ultra-low latency
Accelerate compute, networking, storage


Deploy optimized domain-specific architectures
Adapt to changing algorithms


Deploy in the cloud or on-premises
Rich set of accelerated applications

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