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Optimize your live video transcoding costs and resources without sacrificing quality in the public cloud.

Experience the benefits of hardware-accelerated real time video transcoding, without the investment of a scale-out deployment, with the industry’s lowest cost per stream on Amazon EC2 VT1 instances.


Reach more viewers

Massively scale out your live video streams to millions of viewers without sacrificing reliability.


Lower your cost per stream

Scale up or down as needed. Pay only for what you need


Simple migration

Fast track your move to the Cloud with easy-to-use APIs, customizations, and step-by-step tutorials.


Go Green

Support sustainability goals with the industry’s lowest power solution

Future-Proofing Your Data Center for Live Video Streaming

AMD Xilinx - Optimize Live Video Streaming with Accelerated Transcoding

Video streaming is a fast-growing market. Platforms optimized with hardware accelerated transcoding can meet the computational needs of live streaming without compromising quality.  

Discover how to reduce latency and bring down cost with hardware accelerated transcoding in the cloud.



Real-time Streaming for Interactive, Immersive Content

Eliminate the guesswork from your video transcoding decisions with the only true hardware-based solution that delivers the elastic flexibility, efficiency, and reliability you need to deliver low-cost video streaming at scale.

Powered by AMD Xilinx, Amazon EC2 VT1 instances enable you to support millions of live video streams - no matter how big your audience - with the industry’s lowest cost per channel. And with ultra-low latencies for real-time transcoding, you’ll experience live video conferencing with natural human interactions.


Lower Cost vs GPU


1080p60 Streams in Real-Time


Up to 4K UHD at 60fps

You’re in the business to deliver content, not write code.

Take the guesswork out of accelerating your streaming applications with our turnkey software developers kit (SDK). Quickly transcode your live video content with standards-based FFmpeg, GStreamer, or your own proprietary framework via C/C++ APIs and get up and running in just one day. No FPGA experience necessary.

Explore all the tools and APIs you need to accelerate your streaming applications on GitHub.




User Guide










Produce Live Broadcasts from the Field in Real Time

Compose, produce and distribute live, encoded video and interactive content in the cloud to any output.

With Skreens, you can deliver secure video uploads with single sign-on and powerful encryption as well as the ability to reinvent live-video experiences on demand, and at scale over Amazon EC2 VT1 instances.


Delivering Streaming Video to Millions in Milliseconds

Red5 Pro and AMD Xilinx are revolutionizing real time streaming with solutions that support millions of concurrent viewers, auto-scaled on the cloud using AWS EC2 VT1 instance or on-premise via in-house data center infrastructure.

The Red5 Pro WebRTC solution intelligently optimizes and offloads compute-intensive video processing for a scalable and cost-effective real-time streaming experience.

On-Premises Video Transcoding

Want to accelerate your live video streams in your own data center?

Learn how our partners can help you get started with hardware-accelerated real-time streaming appliances, powered by AMD Xilinx.

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