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Xilinx Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA KCU116 Evaluation Kit

The Kintex® UltraScale+™ FPGA KCU116 Evaluation Kit is ideal for evaluating key Kintex UltraScale+ features most notably 28Gbps transceiver performance.


Product Description

The Kintex® UltraScale+™ FPGA KCU116 Evaluation Kit is ideal for evaluating key Kintex UltraScale+ features most notably 28Gbps transceiver performance. The Kintex UltraScale+ family provides the best price/performance/watt balance in a FinFET node, delivering the most cost-effective solution for high-end applications.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 4x zSFP+ cages to support 28Gbps GTY evaluation
  • DDR4 up to 32-bits
  • General purpose prototyping elements including FMC, HDMI, PMODs
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 compliant
  • PCIe Gen4 capable with 3rd party IP or custom IP

Featured Xilinx Devices

Featuring the Kintex UltraScale+ XCKU5P-2FFVB676E FPGA

System Logic Cells (K)  475
DSP Slices 1,824
Memory (Mb)  34.9
GTY 32.75 Gb/s Transceivers 16
I/0 Pins 304

Product Information


Board Features

Featuring the KCU116 Evaluation Board


  • Onboard JTAG configuration circuitry to enable configuration over USB
  • Dual Quad-SPI flash memory provides 2x1 Gb of non-volatile storage

Communication & Networking

  • 4x zSFP+ Cages
  • 4x SMAs 
  • UART To USB Bridge
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector supporting SGMII Ethernet communications at 10, 100, or 1000 Mb/s
  • PCIe Gen3x8 compliant and Gen4 capable 

Expansion Connectors

  • FMC-HPC (Partial Population) connector (4 GTY Transceiver, 46 single-ended or 23 differential (23 LA pairs: LA[00:22]) user defined signals)
  • 2x PMOD headers ( 1 male and 1 female)

Control & I/O

  • 5X Directional Push Buttons
  • 4X DIP Switches
  • PMBUS & System Controller


  • 1 GB 32-bit DDR4 component memory (two [256 Mb x 16] devices) at 1333MHz / 2666Mbpsps
  • 64MB (512Mb) Quad SPI Flash
  • Micro-SD Card Slot


  • Dual Si570 Clock chips (User & GT)
  • SI5328 Jitter attenuating precision clock
  • 2x SMA MGT input clocks


  • HDMI video out
  • 8x  GPIO user LEDs


  • 12V wall adapter or ATX
What’s Inside

What's Inside

KCU116 Board

Featuring the XCKU5P-2FFVB676E FPGA

Vivado® Design Suite: Design Edition Voucher Code

Node locked & Device-locked to the XCKU5P FPGA, with 1 year of updates

Loopback Module

1x 28Gbps SFP28 electrical loopback module

Ethernet Cable

USB Micro Cable

USB Mini Cable

Power Adapter

Power Cord Multiple

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Tools & IP

Design Tools

Name Description License Type
Vivado Design Suite Design Edition The Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite is a revolutionary IP and System Centric design environment built from the ground up to accelerate the design for FPGAs and SoCs. Node-locked and device-locked to the XCKU5P FPGA, with 1 year of updates
System Controller User Interface (SCUI) SCUI is a graphical interface that enables users to set and read board parameters such as user clocks, FMC setting and power. No License required
Board Interface Test (BIT) BIT tests all the board interfaces. No License required

Intellectual Property

Name Description License Type
Memory Interface Generator (MIG) MIG is a free software tool used to generate memory controllers and interfaces for Xilinx FPGAs No-Charge IP
DMA for PCI Express (PCIe) Subsystem The Xilinx LogiCORE™ DMA for PCI Express® (PCIe) implements a high performance, configurable Scatter Gather DMA for use with the PCI Express 3.x Integrated Block.  The IP provides an optional AXI4 or AXI4-stream user interface. No-Charge IP
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