Versal™ Adaptive SoC Integrated 600G Interlaken with FEC Subsystem


Product Description

The Versal™ adaptive SoC Integrated 600G Interlaken with FEC (ILKNF) is a high performance, adaptable Interlaken integrated hard IP, targeting numerous customer networking applications. The block can be configured as a single Interlaken port with bandwidth up to 600 Gb/s supporting a wide variety of lane count and lane rate configurations. The IP supports FEC for use with Interlaken over high-speed transceiver lanes. In addition, the FEC logic can be used without Interlaken, allowing the core to support any number of protocols, including Ethernet.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Up to six lanes of 112 Gb/s
  • Single-core up to 1 x 600 Gb/s
    • Up to 12 lanes of 56.42 Gb/s
    • Up to 24 lanes of 28.21 Gb/s
  • Supports a wide range of transceiver rates, with an optimized architecture for the following rates:
    • ○ 12.5 Gb/s, 25.78125 Gb/s, 28.21 Gb/s, 53.125 Gb/s, 56.42 Gb/s, 106.25 Gb/s, 112 Gb/s
  • 40-bit, 80-bit, or 160-bit interface to the serial transceiver
  • Supports multiple AXI4-Stream user interface widths:
    • 2048 bits, 1536 bits, 1024 bits, 768 bits, 512 bits
  • Optional RS-FEC for up to 12 Interlaken lanes of 56.42 Gb/s
  • FEC-only mode supporting:
    • Up to 6 instances of 112 Gb/s RS-FEC encoding and decoding functions
    • Up to 12 instances of 56.42 Gb/s RS-FEC encoding and decoding functions

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