Interlaken is an open specification for scalable chip-to-chip interconnect protocol designed to enable high speed networks. These networks are used in the data center and telecom infrastructure equipment in such applications as line card to switch fabric interface, and framer/MAC to NPU or L2/L3 switch interface.

Why use the Adaptive Computing solutions for Interlaken?

Whether you are designing low cost 10G Interlaken applications with UltraScale FPGAs or 600G Interlaken application, AMD has an Interlaken solution for you.

In addition to having a soft solution up to 600G, AMD also provides a hardened 150G Interlaken in the UltraScale Architecture and a hardened 600G Interlaken block that support RS-FEC in the Versal Premium ACAP. The integrated 600G Interlaken block also supports standalone RS-FEC only mode.

Benefits of Versal Devices Integrated Interlaken

  • Reduce design and verification effort
  • Lower power than soft IP
  • UltraScale/UltraScale+ 150G Interlaken saves 300k LUTs
  • Versal Premium 600G Interlaken Subsystem saves equivalent  of UltraScale+ VU7P
  • No charge

Adaptive Computing Interlaken Solutions