AXI4-Stream Protocol Checker

  • Bundled With:
    • Vivado Design Suite

Product Description

The AXI4-Stream Protocol Checker core monitors AXI4-Stream interfaces for protocol violations and provides an indication of which violation occurred.

The checks are synthesizable versions of the System Verilog protocol assertions provided by ARM in the AMBA 4 AXI4, AXI4-Lite, and AXI4-Stream Protocol Assertion User Guide[Ref 2].

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports checking for AXI4-Stream protocol.
  • Supports interface widths:
    • TDATA width: 1 to 512 bytes
    • TUSER width: 0 to 4096 bits
    • TID width: 0 to 32 bits
    • TDEST width: 0 to 32 bits
  • Supports optional signals:
    • TREADY
    • TSTRB
    • TLAST
    • TKEEP
  • Programmable messaging levels for simulation operation
  • Instrumented to support Vivado Debug Nets and connections to Vivado Logic Analyzer monitoring



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