Gamma Correction


Important Notice:

Obsoleted in 2019.1 and not recommended for new designs.

Relacement is the LogiCORE, Gamma LUT which is a license free IP and bundled with Vivado.

Please refer to Product Discontinuation Notice XCN18017

Product Description

The Gamma Correction LogiCORE™ IP is an optimized hardware block for manipulating image data to match the response of display devices.

Gamma correction, also known as gamma compression or encoding, is used to encode linear luminance or RGB values to match the non-linear characteristics of display devices. The Gamma Correction LogiCORE is implemented using a Look-Up Table (LUT) structure that can be applied to each color channel independently, or a single gamma correction curve can be applied to all three color channels simultaneously.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Programmable gamma table supports gamma correction or any user defined function
  • One, two or three channel independent look-up table structure or optional shared look-up table structure to reduce resource requirements
  • Optional interpolated output values for 12-bit data to reduce resource requirements
  • Supports 8, 10, and 12-bits per color component input and output
  • Supports spatial resolutions from 32x32 up to 7680x7680
    • Supports 1080P60 in all supported device families
    • Supports 4kx2k @ 24 Hz in supported high performance devices


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