System Management Wizard


Product Description

The LogiCORE™ IP System Management Wizard provides a complete solution for system-monitoring AMD UltraScale™ architecture-based devises. This IP generates an HDL wrapper to configure the SYSMONE1 primitive for user-specified external channels, internal sensor channels, modes of operation and alarms. This IP supports monitoring of up to four user supplies. In addition, the system Management Wizard configures various interfaces for accessing SYSMONE1 registers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • On-chip voltage and temperature measurements
  • 10-bit 0.2 MSPS analog-to-digital conversion
  • Access to 16 pairs of IO pins as input channels
  • Stand-alone measurement of system functionality including sequences and alarms
  • Triple access (FPGA Fabric/JTAG/12C) DRP including control and status registers
  • Optional AXI4-Lite interface based on the AXI4 specification
  • Easy configuration of various modes and parameters
  • Simple interface for channel selection and configuration
  • Ability to select/deselect alarm outputs and set alarm limits
  • Calculates all parameters and register values based on requirements

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