Vitis Embedded Base Platforms - 2023.1 

Important Information

There are no platform to publish, because the platforms are now in the Vitis installer. 

Update important information:

The following base platforms are added to Vitis Installer. You can use them directly after installing Vitis.

  • xilinx_zcu102_base_202310_1
  • xilinx_zcu102_base_dfx_202310_1
  • xilinx_zcu104_base_202310_1
  • xilinx_vmk180_base_202310_1
  • xilinx_vck190_base_202310_1
  • xilinx_vck190_base_dfx_202310_1
  • xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202310_1


Embedded platform source files and build instructions can be found at the github.

Demo applications: Please check Vitis Accel Example for demo applications for these platforms.

Common Images for Embedded Vitis Platforms - 2023.1 

Important Information

The ‘common image’ packages below contain a prebuilt Linux kernel and root file system that can be used with any Zynq™, Zynq™ MP or Versal board for embedded Vitis platform developers.

These files need to be copied to an SD flash card along with the platform specific boot image (boot.bin) available from the Vitis™ Embedded Platform page.
Also included is the ‘sysroot’ required for embedded Vitis platform application development.  The script must to be used to setup the compressed Yocto Project SDK on a Linux development host properly.

Note: PetaLinux Tools installation is not necessary to use the common images.  The licenses and sources used to create the common image content is provided below.

Download Includes
  • Common Images
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Last Updated
  • May 19, 2023

Xilinx Runtime - 2023.1 

Important Information

Vitis software emulation for embedded platforms now require XRT on host machine

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Last Updated
  • May 19, 2023