Enabling Airborne Platforms: Civilian, Military, and UAV

With 20+ continuous years of heritage serving commercial and military avionics applications, Xilinx offers commercial-grade and defense-grade devices, a full range of IP cores, advanced tool flow support, industry leading SEU solutions, and superior device reliability.

Xilinx heritage is now complemented with DO-254 and DO-178 certification solutions. Through collaboration with technology leaders, industry experts, and the user community, Xilinx offers a comprehensive ecosystem of certifiable solutions and expertise, providing developers with the practical guidance and certification support to reduce the cost, risk and time to market of next-generation avionics.

Access the Avionics Developers’ Site

The Avionics Developer's Site contains Information to aide in FPGA and SoC application development for avionic equipment and other high reliability systems. This site contains specific guidance, tools and solutions such as SEU guidance and SEU FIT Rate Calculator.

Build Smarter Vision Systems with Xilinx SoCs and FPGAs

Xilinx now is serving the avionics community with the industry’s first SoC family, Zynq-7000. The Zynq SoC is currently being designed into the next generation smarter vision systems and avionics displays.
Smarter Vision for Civilian, Military, UAV


Zynq-7000 devices combine hardened dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processors with a rich peripheral set which is complimented with memory mapped and fully customizable programmable logic. Programmable logic enables creation of custom peripherals and accelerators to expand upon what was previously possible with competing COTS processors. Zynq enables smarter systems, reduces hardware complexity, and reduces overall system costs.

Learn more about Xilinx Smart Vision, and explore certifiable IP solutions from LogiCircuit and other Xilinx alliance members.

Xilinx Functional Safety Extends Certifiable Avionics Solutions Support

Avionics, Automotive, Industrial, and Medical markets share a common basis of certification requirements that aim to address safety and reliability in the development of mission critical systems.  Complementing Xilinx’ investment in reliability and quality initiatives we have invested in Functional Safety certification for Industrial and Automotive applications requiring compliance with IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.  Xilinx has received functional safety certification from Tuv-Sud for the FPGA Programming Tool Chain of the ISE Design Suite v 14.2 as well as the Isolation Design Flow (IDF).

Xilinx’s functional safety initiatives for industrial and automotive applications can be used to complement our certifiable avionics solutions.   Similarly, industrial motor control and automotive camera based driver assist solutions can complement avionics applications development. For more information on functional safety and common applications, visit our Industrial and Automotive application pages.



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