Versal Premium Series VPK180 Evaluation Kit

by: AMD

The VPK180 Evaluation Kit, equipped with the AMD Versal™ Premium VP1802 adaptive SoC, delivers standout performance with over 7M logic cells, 112G PAM4 transceivers, and hardened, power-optimized cores for multi-terabit interfacing.​



Product Description

Equipped with a Versal Premium series VP1802 adaptive SoC, the VPK180 Evaluation Kit offers over 4 Tb/s of total bandwidth using 112G PAM4 transceivers and multiple industry-standard connectors.

The kit comes with a breadth of connectivity options, development tools, and example designs to accelerate prototyping of the most demanding compute and networking systems across multiple markets. 

Wired Communication​

  • Data center interconnect​
  • Metro/core transport
  • Security appliances

Data Center​

  • Recommendation systems​
  • Search engines​
  • Video analytics​

Test and Measurement​

  • Network testers​
  • PCIe® protocol analyzers​
  • RF/microwave instrumentation​

Aerospace and Defense

  • Avionics​
  • Digital adaptive radar
  • Secured communications​

Key Features and Benefits

Versal Premium Series Capabilities

  • Equipped with a Versal Premium VP1802 adaptive SoC
  • 112G PAM4 transceivers and hardened, power-optimized cores for multi-terabit interfacing

Breadth of Connectivity Options for Rapid Application Development

  • SFP-DD, QSFP-DD, OSFP optical connectors, IEEE Std 1588 (eCPRI) support​
  • FMC+ connector with 8 GTYPs and 68 user-defined signals

Co-Optimized Tools and Debug Method

  • Vivado™ design suite, Vitis™ unified software platform
  • Shipped with pre-built boot images

Featured AMD Devices

Featuring the Versal Premium XCVP1802-2MSELSVC4072 Adaptive SoC

System Logic Cells (K) 7,352
LUTs 3,360,896
DSP Engines 14,352
Application Processing Unit Dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A72
Real-Time Processing Unit Dual-core Arm Cortex-R5F
GTYP Transceivers (32.75 Gb/s) 281,2
GTM Transceivers (58G (112G)) 140 (70)2
PCIe w/ DMA & CCIX (CPM5) 2 x Gen5x83
PCI Express 2 x Gen5x43
100G Multirate Ethernet MAC 8
600G Ethernet MAC 7
400G High-Speed Crypto Engine 4

1. 16 GTYP transceivers are dedicated to CPM5 for PCI Express use.​
2. Not all transceivers available on the VP1802 adaptive SoC are exposed on the VPK180 evaluation kit.
    Refer to the User Guide (UG1582) for more information.

3. PCle interface is not available on the VPK180 evaluation kit.

VPK180 chip

Product Information


Board Features

Featuring the Versal™ Premium XCVP1802-2MSELSVC4072 Adaptive SoC

VPK180 board
Board Specifications Value
Height 12.360 inches (31.394 cm)
Length 11.504 inches (29.22016 cm)
Thickness  131.5 mil ±10% (3.3401 mm ±10%)
Operating Environmental Temperature 0C to +45C
Storage Environmental Temperature -25C to +60C
JTAG via connector Yes
JTAG via USB connector Yes
QSPI (dual) Yes
MicroSD Yes
LPDDR4 Component 12 GB (6x 2 GB, 32-bit), 192-bit @ 3900 Mb/s
MicroSD Socket (Versal device) Yes
Control I/O
User Pushbuttons 2
DIP Switches 4
User LEDs 4
System Controller Yes
Expansion Connectors
VITA 57.4 FMC+ 8 GTYPs, 68 user-defined signals
Communications & Networking
USB 3.0 1
RJ-45 Tri-Speed Ethernet Connectors 2
Programmable LPDDR4 Component  1
Programmable 1588 eCPRI (SMA Connector) 6
Programmable System Controller 1
180W (12V) Power Supply Yes
Power-on Reset Yes
What’s Inside

What's Inside the Box

Featuring the Versal™ Premium XCVP1802-2MSELSVC4072 Adaptive SoC

What's inside the box



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Design Tools

  • Vivado™ Design Suite: The EDA tool suite to create projects for the VPK180 board. Node-locked and device-locked to the Versal™ Premium XCVP1802 device, with one year of updates.
  • Vitis™ Unified Software Platform: The full suite of tools for developing embedded software, debugging Versal devices, and running targeted reference designs and example designs.


PetaLinux Tools, Board Support Packages, and Prebuilt Images

  • To build custom Linux images with modifications, visit the PetaLinux tool page to get an installer and latest board supported packages (BSP).
  • To boot with Linux images without modifications, download pre-built PetaLinux images.
Get Started

Get Started with VPK180

To jump-start prototyping and application development with the VPK180. visit the Wiki page.

  • Prep work
  • Board setup
  • Run the PetaLinux BSP pre-built image
Get Started with VPK180
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