Versal Premium Series VPK120 Evaluation Kit

by: AMD

The VPK120 Evaluation Kit, equipped with the Versal™ Premium series VP1202 adaptive SoC, offers networked, power-optimized cores paired with multiple high-speed connectivity options. The kit is built for network and cloud applications requiring massive serial bandwidth, security, and compute density.



Product Description

The VPK120 Evaluation Kit offers networked, power-optimized cores paired with many high-speed connectivity options. The kit features the Versal Premium VP1202 adaptive SoC, which integrates 100+ Gb/s PAM4 transceivers, PCIe® Gen5 with DMA & CCIX, 100G Multirate Ethernet cores, 600G Ethernet cores, 400G High-Speed Crypto Engines, and more.

The VPK120 Evaluation Kit is built for network and cloud applications requiring massive serial bandwidth, security, and compute density, such as:

  • Metro/core transport
  • Data center interconnect
  • Security appliances
  • Search engines
  • Recommendation systems
  • Video analytics
  • Network testers
  • PCIe protocol analyzers
  • Digital adaptive radar

Key Features and Benefits

Versal Premium Series Capabilities

  • Equipped with Versal Premium VP1202 device
  • Ability to jump start hardware and software differentiation with pre-built, pre-engineered infrastructure for next-generation networks and cloud infrastructure

Breadth of Connectivity Options for Rapid Application Development

  • PCIe Gen5 interface for high compute performance across multiple markets
  • QSFP-DD optical interfaces, IEEE Std 1588, and STMs for networking
  • FMC+ connector supporting a variety of optional plug-in cards

Co-Optimized Tools and Debug Method

  • Vivado™ design suite, Vitis™ unified software platform
  • Shipped with pre-built boot images

Featured AMD Devices

Featuring the Versal™ Premium XCVP1202-2MSEVSVA2785 Adaptive SoC

System Logic Cells (K) 1,969
LUTs 900,224
DSP Engines 3,984 
Application Processing Unit Dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A72
Real-Time Processing Unit Dual-core Arm Cortex-R5F
GTYP Transceivers (32.75 Gb/s) 281
GTM Transceivers (58G (100+G)) 20 (10)
PCIe® w/ DMA & CCIX (CPM5) 2 x Gen5x8
PCI Express®  2 x Gen5x4
100G Multirate Ethernet MAC 2
600G Ethernet MAC 1
400G High-Speed Crypto Engine 1

1. 16 GTYP transceivers are dedicated to CPM5 for PCI Express use.


VPK120 chip

Product Information


Board Features

Featuring the Versal™ Premium XCVP1202-2MSEVSVA2785 Adaptive SoC

VPK120 board
Board Specifications Value
Length 9.50 inches (24.13 cm) (¾ PCIe length)
Height 7.478 inches (18.994 cm)
Thickness  64.24 mil ±08% (1.632 mm ±10%)
PCIe® PCIe endpoint 16 lane edge connector
Operating Environmental Temperature 0C to +45C
Storage Environmental Temperature -25C to +60C
MicroSD Yes
LPDDR4 Component 6 x 2 GB @ 3900 Mb/s
MicroSD Socket (Versal device) 16 GB
Control I/O
User Pushbuttons 7
DIP Switches 4
User LEDs 4
System Controller Yes
Expansion Connectors
VITA 57.4 FMC+ One (8 GTY)
PCIe Gen5x8* One edge connector
Communications & Networking
USB 3.0 1
RJ-45 Tri-Speed Ethernet Connectors 2
Programmable LPDDR4 Component  1
PCIe Reference Clock 1
Programmable 1588 eCPRI (SMA Connector) 6
Programmable System Controller 1
180W (12V) Power Supply Yes
Power-on Reset Yes

* The VPK120 evaluation kit has a physical x16 edge connector and enables protocol support in two flavors depending on whether overdrive is used or not.
With overdrive, the VPK120 supports: Gen1/2/3/4x16 or Gen5x8.
Without overdrive, the VPK120 supports: Gen1/2/3x16 or Gen4x8. Gen5 is not supported without overdrive.

What’s Inside

What's Inside the Box

Featuring the Versal™ Premium XCVP1202-2MSEVSVA2785 Adaptive SoC

What's inside the box



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Design Tools

  • Vivado™ Design Suite: The EDA tool suite to create projects for the VPK120 board. Node-locked and device-locked to the Versal™ Premium XCVP1202 device, with one year of updates.
  • Vitis™ Unified Software Platform: The full suite of tools for developing embedded software, debugging Versal devices, and running targeted reference designs and example designs.


PetaLinux Tools, Board Support Packages, and Prebuilt Images

  • To build custom Linux images with modifications, visit the PetaLinux tool page to get an installer and latest board supported packages (BSP).
  • To boot with Linux images without modifications, download pre-built PetaLinux images.
Get Started

Get Started with VPK120

To jump-start prototyping and application development with the VPK120. visit the Wiki page.

  • Prep work
  • Board setup
  • Run the PetaLinux BSP pre-built image
Get Started with VPK120
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