Note: Starting 2019.2, AMD SDK, SDSoC™ and SDAccel™ development environments are unified into an all-in-one Vitis™ unified software platform for application acceleration and embedded software development. There will be no 2019.2 or future releases of AMD SDx tools.

Software Development with Legacy Tools

Whether you are an embedded or application developer, AMD software development environments and embedded platforms offer a comprehensive set of familiar and powerful tools, libraries and methodologies. These environments lower your development time while also allowing you to create custom hardware accelerators easily and on demand.

SDx Development Environments and Embedded Computing

The SDAccel and SDSoC Environments offer GPU-like and familiar embedded application development and runtime experiences for C, C++ and/or OpenCL development, while the SDNet Environment enables networking engineers to create high performance programmable data plane designs. All these platforms are available with support for a variety of AMD and third party boards, libraries and tools.

Embedded runtime development environments and tools from AMD include comprehensive training and support for developing your ARM or Microblaze based platforms. You have access to the debuggers, compilers and other tools you need as well as complete Linux and Multi-OS environments. These embedded runtime environments target multiple boards using readily available reference designs and libraries with development support from videos, Github, Wiki, and other open source resources.