100M/1G TSN Subsystem


Product Description

AMD provides an 100M/1G TSN Subsystem to accelerate time to market and drive the convergence of low latency deterministic Industrial and Automotive applications.

The 100M/1G TSN Subsystem supports IEEE 802.1 Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards in a 3 port bridged endpoint or endpoint only configuration. The TSN Subsystem enables deterministic low latency and guaranteed bandwidth for time sensitive applications. The TSN Subsystems allows flexibility in selecting a subset of standards depending on your application from industrial to automotive. Typical applications include factory automation, smart energy, transportation, robotics, ADAS/AD and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI). AMD provides the total solution for an embedded system on SoC with future proof connectivity to multi-vendor TSN networks.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enables 100M/1G 3 port Bridged Endpoint or standalone Endpoint solution
  • Designed to the following IEEE 802.1 standards:
    • IEEE 802.1 ASrev/AS, IEEE 1588 - Timing and Synchronization for Time Sensitive Applications
    • IEEE 802.1 Qbv - Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic
    • IEEE 802.1 Qci - Per Stream Filtering & Policing
    • IEEE 802.1 CB - Seamless Redundancy (Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability)
    • IEEE 802.1 Qbu/IEEE 802.3br - Frame Preemption
    • IEEE 802.1 Qcc - Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) enhancements and Performance Improvements
  • Supports Time Aware Multi-channel DMA
  • Supports custom configurations
  • Allows three priority queues for scheduled, reserved (CBS, IEEE 802.1 Qav) and best effort traffic classes