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Reed-Solomon Encoder


Product Description

The Reed-Solomon Encoder LogiCORE™ module is a high speed, compact design that implements many different Reed-Solomon coding standards including G.709, DVB, ATSC, IEES, ITU-T J.83 and CCSDS. The core is fully synchronous, using a single clock, and supports continuous output data with no gap between code blocks. The core is parameterizable, allowing designers to control the symbol width and the code block length. This module supports shortened codes and any primitive field polynomial for a given symbol width. The core supports a user-configured generator polynomial.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible RS Encoder meeting the requirements of most standards that employ RS codes including: IEEE 802.16, DVB-x, G.709, ETSI-BRAN, and CCSDS
  • Supports continuous output data with no gap between code blocks
  • Supports a code block length variable up to 4095 symbols with up to 256 check symbols
  • Code block length and number of check symbols can be varied dynamically on a block by block basis
  • Supports a symbol width from 3 to 12 bits and supports any primitive field polynomial for a given symbol width
  • Supports shortened codes
  • Efficiently handles multiple channels
  • Block length can be changed in real time
  • AXI4-Stream-compliant interfaces
  • For use with Xilinx Vivado® IP Catalog and Xilinx System Generator for DSP™

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