Product Description

The LogiCORE™ IP Video Multi Scaler core provides a video scaler function which allows users to scale single input to multiple outputs of different resolutions or multiple inputs to multiple scaled outputs with a single instantiation.  It is a memory interface based IP core which supports up to eight scaled outputs.  This highly configurable IP core supports in-system programmability through a comprehensive register interface to control it.  This LogiCORE IP module is provided at no additional cost with the Vivado™ Design Suite.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports maximum 8 outputs
  • Supports spatial resolutions from 64 × 64 up to 7680 × 4320
  • Supports one, two, or four pixel-width
  • Supports RGB, YUV 444, YUV 422, YUV 420
  • Supports 8-bit and 10-bit per color component on memory interface
  • Supports semi-planar memory formats next to packed memory formats
  • Dynamically configurable source and destination addresses
  • Supports 6, 8, 10 and 12 taps in both H and V domains
  • Supports 64 phases
  • Supports up to 8K30 fps, depends on the device being targeted properties

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