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AXI Multichannel DMA


Product Description

The AXI MCDMA facilitates large data migration, offloading the task from the embedded processor. It sits as an intermediary between an AXI Memory-Mapped embedded subsystem an AXI Streaming subsystem.

The MCDMA IP is full-duplex, scatter-gather, and supports up to 16 channels. It may be configured as weighted round robin or strict priority.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 64-bit addressing
  • Widths up to 1024 bits
  • Scatter Gather Descriptors
  • One Streaming interface, up to 16 Memory Mapped interfaces
  • Full Duplex: Egress (Streaming to Memory Mapped) and Ingress (Memory Mapped to Streaming)
  • Baremetal and Linux drivers
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous clocking

Resource Utilization



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