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Product Description

The Xilinx® CAN IP core is ideally suited for automotive and industrial applications such as automotive gateways, body control units, automotive test equipment, instrument clusters, sensor controls, and industrial networks. Through user-configurable options, the Xilinx CAN core provides ultimate flexibility for multiple electronic control unit (ECU) applications. The core can be used in stand-alone mode or connected to Xilinx MicroBlaze™ or PowerPC™ processors. The Xilinx CAN LogiCORE™ solution meets Bosch licensing terms and provides a compliant, flexible IP core to enable users to quickly deliver FPGA based automotive and industrial systems.

Included with CAN IP Solutions

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to ISO 11898-1, CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B specifications
  • Supports bit rates up to 1Mbps as per CAN2.0B specification
  • Transmit and Receive message FIFOs with a user configurable depth of up to 64 messages
  • Parameterized Acceptance Filtering of up to 4 programmable filters
  • Supports sleep mode with automatic wakeup
  • Transmit prioritization through one High Priority Transmit buffer
  • Maskable error and status interrupts
  • Automatic re-transmission on errors or arbitration loss
  • Compatible with 3.3V external CAN PHY chips
  • Supports for On-chip Peripheral Bus (OPB), Processor Local Bus (PLB) v4.6 and generic microcontroller interfaces
  • Supported in Xilinx EDK using On-chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) and also with Processor Local Bus (PLB) v4.6
  • Optional support for generic microcontroller interfaces
  • CAN Driver for the MicroBlaze 32-bit processor available through Vector Group to enable easy access to full suite of Vector's CANbedded software solution



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