UMTS/3GPP Turbo Convolutional Encoder


Product Description

This version of the Turbo Convolutional encoder is designed to meet the 3GPP specification. In addition, a user generated external interleaver can be used and code rates of 1/5 is supported to provide additional flexibility.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Implements the 3GPP/UMTS specification
  • Core contains the full 3GPP interleaver
  • Full 3GPP block size range supported: 40 - 5114
  • Up to 16 simultaneous data channels
  • Double-buffered symbol memory for maximum throughput
  • Rate 1/3 parity outputs for 3GPP and optional outputs for rate 1/5 for additional error correction capability
  • Flexible interfacing by means of optional control signals
  • Support for External RAM
  • External address generator option enables interfacing to customer-designed interleaver

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