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Video Timing Controller


Product Description

The Video Timing Controller LogiCORE IP is a general purpose video timing detector and generator. The core is commonly used with the Video in to AXI4-Stream IP Core to detect the format and timing of incoming video or with the AXI4-Stream to Video Out IP Core to generate outgoing video timing for downstream sinks.

The Xilinx Video Timing Controller LogiCORE IP is a general purpose video timing detector and generator, which automatically detects blanking and active data timing based on the input horizontal and vertical synchronization pulses. The Video Timing Controller can generate video timing signals and allows for adjustment of timing within a video design. The core is programmable through registers, provides a comprehensive set of interrupt controls, and supports multiple system configurations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automatic detection of horizontal and vertical blanking, synchronization pulses and active video
  • Optional AXI4-Lite interface allows processor systems to read the incoming video format and propagate configurations to downstream video processing blocks or program the video format for output timing generation
  • Supports multiple combinations of horizontal and vertical video timing signal detection and generation
  • Full Interrupt support for system event control
  • Supports spatial resolutions up to 8192x8192



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