40G/100G Ethernet Core

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For new designs in UltraScale and UltraScale+, refer to the 40G/50G Ethernet Subsystem

For new designs in UltraScale and UltraScale+, refer to the UltraScale+ Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem and UltraScale Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem


Product Description

AMD 40G/100G Ethernet LogiCORE based on Sarance Technologies Best-In-Class Intellectual Property

AMD High-Speed Ethernet LogiCORE® (HSEC) is a high-performance and flexible implementation of the IEEE 802.32012 for 40Gbps and 100Gbps Ethernet. The HSEC implements the 40G and 100G aggregate Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS), and a 40G and 100G Media Access Controller (MAC) module. The HSEC is the world’s first implementation of the IEEE 802.32012 specifications and has been successfully deployed in a major ISP’s network in the USA. AMD also sells the CAUI and XLAUI PCS layers standalone with optional Auto_Negotiation and FEC for backplane applications. AMD 40G and 100G Ethernet LogiCORE is based on Sarance Technologies Intellectual Property and is delivered as a netlist implemented in UltraScale and Virtex™ FPGA families.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Full 100G and 40G Ethernet line rate operation
  • Optional fee based Auto-Negotiation and FEC features for MAC + PCS or standalone PCS IP
  • Optional Frame Check Sequence (FCS) checking, adding and deleting
  • Static and dynamic de-skew functions
  • PCS Lane Marker insertion and deletion
  • PCS Lane framing and de-framing including swapping of each PCS Lane



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