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Product Description

The LogiCORE™ CPRI IP core is a high-performance IP solution that implements the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI). The IP core uses industry leading transceivers to implement the CPRI Physical Layer and provides a compact and customizable Data Link Layer implemented in the FPGA fabric. The CPRI core is ideal for connectivity between Radio Equipment Controllers (REC) or baseband/channel cards and one or more Radio Equipment units (RE). It provides an optimized implementation supporting radio I/Q data, radio unit management, and synchronization in a single efficient protocol.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to CPRI Specification v7.0
  • Suitable for use in both Radio Equipment, Controllers (RECs) and Radio Equipment (RE), including multi-hop systems
  • 7-Series, UltraScale and UltraScale Plus supported line rates in the Table 1 below
  • Automatic speed negotiation
  • Configurable as master or slave, master instantiation can be switched to operate as slave via configuration port
  • Supports both Ethernet and HDLC Control and Management channels
  • Easy-to-use I/Q data interface together with optional modules for UMTS terrestrial radio access - frequency division duplexing (UTRA-FDD) and Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) data mappings
  • Supports vendor-specific data transport including support for the passing of control AxC information in global system for mobile communications (GSM) systems
  • Core includes the necessary clocking and transceiver logic to enable easy integration into your design
  • Synthesizable example design and simple demonstration test bench provided
  • Delay measurement capability meets CPRI Requirement 21 per CPRI Specification v7.0
  • Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC) supported at 8,110.08 Mb/s, 10,137.6 Mb/s, 12,165.12 Mb/s and 24,330.24 Mb/s line rates

Table 1: Line Rate Support for 7-Series and UltraScale by speed grade

Line Rate Line Rate 
    -1 -2 /-3 -1
-2 /-3 -1 -2 /-3 -1lv -1 -2/-3 -1lv -1 -2/-3
Rate 1
Rate 2 1228.8
Rate 3 2457.6
Rate 4 3072
Rate 5 4915.2  
Rate 6 6144  
Rate 7 9830.4        
Rate 7a 8110.08        
Rate 8 10137.6        
Rate 9 12165.12            
Rate 10 24330.24                     1 2

1 24330.24Mb/s line rate supported on -1 speedgrade on UltraScale+ devices using GTYE4 transceivers.

2 FEC Enabled line rates at 8110.08, 10137.6, 12165.12 and 24330.24Mb/s are available when a 24330.24Mb/s capable core is selected.

Note: Please consult the particular device family Datasheet/User Guide for exact details on configuration options supported.

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