3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder


Product Description

The 3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder provides a flexible turbo convolutional decode function for both LTE and UMTS air interfaces.  The implementation is compliant with the requirements set out in 3GPP UMTS and LTE specifications.  The product provides an optimized turbo decode function for basestations at all form factors, from femto to macrocells.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Support for LTE only, UMTS only or both
  • Compliant with 3GPP TS 25.212 and TS 36.212 Release 10
  • Dynamic decoding of LTE and UMTS data on a block by block basis
  • Configurable with either 1, 2, 4 or 8 decode units, allowing resource optimization based on system needs
  • Integrated scheduler ensures that decode latency remains constant with variable block sizes
  • Support for MAX, MAX_SCALE and MAX algorithms
  • Support for AXI4-Stream  interface
  • Supported by behavioral C model (with Matlab interface) and testbench

Resource Utilization



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