AXI Chip2Chip


Product Description

Included at no additional charge with Vivado software.

The LogiCORE™ IP AXI Chip2Chip is a soft AMD IP core for use with the Vivado™ Design Suite. The adaptable block provides bridging between AXI systems for multi-device System on-chip solutions. The core supports multiple device-to-device interfacing options and provides a low pin count, high performance AXI chip-to-chip bridging solution.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports AXI4 Memory Mapped user interface
  • Supports optional AXI4-Lite data width of 32 bits
  • Supports Single Ended or Differential SelectIO™ FPGA interface and Aurora FPGA interface
  • Independent Master or Slave mode selection for AXI4 and AXI4-Lite interfaces
  • Supports 32-to-64 bit AXI data width
  • Supports asynchronous active-Low reset
  • Supports Common Clock or Independent Clock operations
  • Supports multiple Width Conversion options for reduced I/O utilization
  • Supports Link Detect FSM with deskew operation
  • Differential I/O support (Differential Clock Or Differential Clock and data option)
  • Allows all five AXI channels to operate independently
  • Supports an additional high-priority cut through channel for communicating interrupts
  • Provides a dedicated high-priority internal channel for link status monitoring and reporting
  • Generates Link Error and Multi-Bit Error Error interrupts
  • Supports ECC with single-bit error correction for Aurora interface

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